Technology investment as a lever for business transformation

Technology is a source of multiple opportunities in all markets. Every day, new offers and solutions are created by entrepreneurs whose goal is to tackle big challenges, solve problems by simplifying user experience or optimize existing processes thanks to digital. For the sector leaders, who face this new competition, it becomes key to innovate by relying both on their internal teams and also on startups innovations on their sector.

Why doing Corporate Venture ?

The Corporate Venture is the direct or indirect equity investment, in minority, in the capital of innovative SMEs. It is a tool available to companies, which is part of their open innovation strategy. Corporate Venture is a great lever for companies and large groups to open up to innovation, accelerate their transformation and anticipate market developments. Thus, this framework allows them to strengthen their links with startups in a sustainable way, in a logic of strategic and financial investment. The direct investment allows to have its own investment strategy, to involve operational teams, strategic intelligence and control of its investment budget. Investing in innovative companies also allows companies to benefit from a favorable tax framework.

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Corporate Venture

Corporate Venture Capital vs. Venture Capital, what’s the difference?

When we start dealing with fundraising, a question quickly appears: should we raise from a Venture Capital fund or a Corporate Venture fund? This article explains the differences between these two kinds of funds and the impact it can have on startups. So, what is Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) ? Corporate Venture are funds that…

Corporate venture

Why create a Corporate Venture fund?

Innovation + Corporate Venture = value creation  As our world becomes more competitive, corporations have to adapt themselves to the ever-changing markets. As Peter Thiel mentioned in Zero to One: “Unless they invest in the difficult task of creating new things, companies will fail in the future no matter how big their profits remain today.” That’s what happened to Kodak, which missed the…

Tech M&A

Corporates / Startups : anticipating post-acquisition synergies

Develop synergies while leaving the startup a strong autonomy: this is often the thesis of companies or large groups when acquiring a startup. A gradual and virtuous integratio.  The goal is to keep the dynamics of the startup and allow the startup to maintain its agility, despite the change of control. More often than not,…

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