Investment strategy, goal setting, process sizing.


Startups sourcing, due diligence, negotiation, formalities.


Participation tracking, value creation, exit.

For Corporates, Funds and Family Offices

Corporate Venture

We help our customers identify new technological opportunities in their markets. We start with potential startups and manage the deal flow.

Funds and family offices

We intervene as outsourced investment directors : deal flow management, operations achievement, Private Equity and Venture Capital operations follow-up.

Our services allow our clients to invest like the top VC and create value with their stakes

Market analysis and startups sourcing

We help our customers identify new technological opportunities in their markets. We start with potential startups and manage the deal flow.

Strategic due diligence

We analyze the growth potential of a startup on behalf of investors, thanks to our methodology of valuation.

Investment Analysis

Our analysis allows our customers to make investment decisions quickly, depending on their strategy. Some of our customers use them before they start their due diligence which can be long and costly.

Structuring, negotiation and formalities

We provide support and expertise to our customers to optimise the contractualization of the deals and manage for them the legal formalities.

Monitoring and reporting

We support our clients to follow their portfolio and provide detailed reporting. We can also represent our clients in boards.

Value creation and synergies

We help to activate the synergies between startup and investor. We capitalize on our expertise and network to help the startup accelerate its development.


Corporate Venture

Corporate Venture Capital vs. Venture Capital, what’s the difference?

When we start dealing with fundraising, a question quickly appears: should we raise from a Venture Capital fund or a Corporate Venture fund? This article explains the differences between these two kinds of funds and the impact it can have on startups. So, what is Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) ? Corporate Venture are funds that…

Corporate venture

Why create a Corporate Venture fund?

Innovation + Corporate Venture = value creation  As our world becomes more competitive, corporations have to adapt themselves to the ever-changing markets. As Peter Thiel mentioned in Zero to One: “Unless they invest in the difficult task of creating new things, companies will fail in the future no matter how big their profits remain today.” That’s what happened to Kodak, which missed the…

cultural fit

Corporates / Startups : check the “cultural fit” before executing M&A deal

Companies or large groups often consider acquiring a startup with the ambition to activate synergies very quickly. However, a large number of acquirers face difficulties in the effective implementation of post-acquisition synergies or integration. These difficulties may challenge the interest of the deal. Before starting the process of acquiring the startup, it is of course…


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